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The BOOK: life happens


In Life Happens, Marcus and Lisa share his and her perspectives on life and the journeys each took individually that ultimately led them to a life together. This inspirational and devotional book gives you real life insight on how God can take things like disappointment, rejection, loss, hurt, unexpected twists and turns and work them together for the greater good. 

What Marcus and Lisa had to say about writing

"His and Her Perspective"...

"Literally, this was one of the hardest things we have ever done. Not because we could not do it, but because we had to commit to doing it while being husband/wife, dad/mom, artist, employee, deacon/deaconess, etc. However, we felt like men and women needed to hear our stories and how we ended up living our happily ever after." 


Marcus and Lisa currently live in Alabama with their children. They are hoping to develop a movement entitled the Body Of Christ that focuses on the importance of family and balance in the kingdom. Lisa has also embarked on the journey of empowerment by launching her first Loving Me Again Ladies Retreat in 2017. She is also seeking out certification as a life coach with a focus on “spiritual balance and relationships” while Marcus focuses on the the movement of the B.O.C. He intends to launch a clothing line and devotional that is designed to empower men to operate in their respective roles as it relates to God’s kingdom. 

As of January 2022, the page is turning. Marcus and Lisa currently serve as Campus Pastors of The Life City Church in Anniston, AL. They are walking together in ministry and continuing to write their story. They are working on some new and exciting things. Pastor Marcus is working on his new clothing line and Pastor Lisa is working on a new children's publication both set to release 2023. Make sure you stay tuned.

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